At nineteen years old, L.A. native Molly Stanton began her career as an actress after abruptly dropping out of UC Berkeley to be a soap opera star. A psychic told her this would happen, and well, it did. True story. 

Cut to fifteen years later. It felt like the world would come to an end if she didn't look flawless. She did whatever she could to maintain a youthful appearance be it injections, lasers, or facials. God forbid she got a pimple let alone a new wrinkle!!!! It was all so stressful. Why did aging have to be so cruel?! She dreamt of a day where getting older didn't have to feel like a curse.

And then she discovered microcurrent. She was reluctant at first. How could something that doesn't hurt actually work?? BUT, after a series of treatments Molly simply let go of botox and filler. Painful lasers with downtime became a thing of the past, AND she actually liked the way her face looked better!! She couldn't believe this magical electrical treatment was so under the radar. She fell so in love she upended her career as an actress and began to pursue a new path in skincare so she could share this natural alternative to botox with others.

Molly Stanton completed the program in esthetics, received her esthetician's license, and then began extensive training in microcurrent in Los Angeles.  Wanting to further her knowledge she went on to study with the leading experts in the field in the U.K, receiving certification on the most advanced technology on the market.  

Knowing how stressful the aging process can feel, Molly feels so excited to share what she's learned and focus on making others feel amazing in their own skin, sans pain and guilt free!